Faq On Ministry Of Corporate Affairs (Mca 21)

MCA 21 Services requires submitting the Forms electronically Via E Forms. A Digital Signature certificate is used to verify and authenticate the E Form

A Director / Manager / Practising Professional like Chartered Accountants / Company Secretary are required to obtain DSC for Filing E forms

Class 2A Digital Signature is required for Directors which is obtained in his individual name. If a person is director in more than one company, the same DSC can be used for filing documents for every company.

Before Using the DSC and uploading the Form, It is mandatory to register the DSC on the MCA Portal (Role check). Every Director/ Designated Partners / Manager/ Professionals have to update their DSC against the Director Identification Number (DIN) or Membership Number in case of Professionals. Please follow the Link for registration https://mca.gov.in/MCA21/Rolecheck.html

Yes, in case you have renewed you DSC you have to perform the role check on the MCA portal again with the Renewed DSC

You have to enable the Option “Always Run on this Site”

You have to enter the details exactly the same what you had filled at the time of obtaining the DIN.

You can solve this problem by following these two Steps

- Add MCA -2 1 Portal to you trusted Sites

   a. Open Internet Explorer

   b. Choose Tools -> Internet Options

   c. Click on Security Tab and Select Trusted Sites

   d. Click on Sites Button

   e. Enter the URL of the Site https://www.*.mca.gov.in in the box add this website to the Zone & click on add Button

- Turn off Pop Up Blocker for MCA Site

   a. Open Internet Explorer

   b. Choose Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy Tab

   c. Un tick Turn On Pop Up Blocker

Probably you have not Updated Java Run Time Environment and Java Development Update Kit. These two components are essential for smooth Filing. You can update the same from Downloads Section ->PC Prerequisites

This problem could be due to following reason:

- You have probable entered the Wrong DPIN of the Authorized signatory

- You have not done the Role Check of the DSC. Refer the above FAQ for Role Check

No, PAN encrypted DSC is not mandatory for MCA filings. However you cannot use the same for Filing Returns on Income Tax Website if the DSC is not PAN encrypted

Yes, you can use the same DSC on the MCA Portal