DGFT : Safe Exim


SafeEXIM, a solution developed exclusively for the Exporter-Importer community in India to enable them to interact and transact with the DGFT online with security and confidence on the DGFT Portal (www.dgft.gov.in). SafeEXIM uses advanced cryptographic technologies including Digital Certificates and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to bring one of the first-of-its-kind solutions to the Indian Market.

With the Safe Exim DGFT Digital Signature Certificate, the Importer & Exporters get 50% waiver in the License Fee. It Reduces the Time around by DGFT to issue licenses. A digitally signed application ensures Non Repudiation, this brining trust and confidence in the entire online Transaction.

SafeEXIM can be used only by an Exporter or Importer registered with the DGFT. It is not open to any third party. Any person from the EXIM organization who is authorized to transact with DGFT on behalf of the organization or sign any documents that need to be submitted to the DGFT can use SafeEXIM.

Where it is used

     - DGFT Portal www.dgft.gov.in

Documents required

  • 1)  Application Form (Duly Signed) – Download Here
  • 2)  Recent Passport Size Photograph (Pasted on the Application form and Signed across the Photo)
  • 3)  Identity Proof
        - PAN CARD * (Income Tax F Filing Portal requires PAN Encrypted DSC)
        - Passport
        - Driving License
        - Photo ID Issued by Central Or State Government
        - Voter ID
        - Aadhar Card
  • 4)  Address Proof :
        - Passport
        - Driving License
        - Latest Utility Bills – Not Older than 3 Months (Telephone, Electricity, Water, Tax, LIC)
        - Ration Card
        - Voter ID
        - Bank Account Statement ( Not Older than 2 Months)
        - Service Tax/ VAT registration Certificate
        - Property tax/ Municipal tax Receipt
  • 5)  IEC Certificate of the Organisation
  • 6)  Proof of Right to do Business - Business Registration Document (Any one of the Following)
          a. In case of Private Limited & Public Limited or any other form of companies under the Companies Act, India (Any 1)
            i. Certificate of Incorporation (To be accompanied by form 18 if there is a change in address )
            ii.Memorandum & Articles of Association

          b. In Case of Partnership (Any 1)
             i. Partnership Deed
             ii. Sales Tax or VAT or Service Tax Registration Certificate
             iii. License under Shop & Establishment Act
             iv. Income Tax Returns Filed for Last 2 Years
             v. Signature Verification Letter from Bank if any of the Above documents not available - Download Here

          c. In Case of Proprietorship (Any 1)
             i. Sales Tax or VAT or Service Tax Registration Certificate
             ii. License under Shop & Establishment Act
             iii. Income Tax Returns Filed for Last 2 Years
             iv. Signature Verification Letter from Bank if any of the Above documents not available- Download Here

          d. In Case of Societies
             i. Certificate of Registration
             ii. Memorandum of Association , Rules , Regulation, Byelaws

    Note: Authorization or Letter or employment is not required in case applicant himself is a Partner, Director or Proprietor or Authorized Signatory.

    In Case of employee of any organization applying for Class 2B Certificate then the Director or Partner or Proprietor or Authorized Signatory has to Sign with Stamp on “Section – 4 Authorization” of the application Form. SEPARATE LETER OF EMPLOYMENT OR AUTHORITY LETTER IS NOT REQUIRED. PAN Card or any Signature Verification Proof of the Authorized signatory in Section 4 should also be attached to the Form


    All the Documents should be self attested by the applicant and Attested by the Director, Proprietor, Partner or Authorized Signatory of the Organisation with Stamp & Seal of the organization