Crypto Token

An E Token is a smart card based USB device which is used for the Storage of you DSC.

An E Tokens securely store your DSC with Strong passwords. Further it provides mobility to your DSC when you have to perform signing on multiple computers. You digital signature is Vulnerable to key Compromise if many users access the same machine on which you sign the documents with you DSC. However the same can be avoided with the help of an E Token

Yes, you can use your DSC without an E Tokens

You have not probably installed the E Token Drivers. Kindly install the same from the Downloads section.

Ensure that you have properly installed the Token Drivers. Now Connect your USB token which contains your DSC -> open the Internet Explorer -> Tools -> Internet Option -> Certificates -> if you can see your Certificate, then your DSC is imported Properly

Please refer the Steps in the attached File for Alladin E Token / Auto Pass 1000 or refer our Video Tutorials.